Author’s Interview

What stands behind the acronym M.S.C.P. Principle?

The M.S.C.P. Principle or Mental Screen Conditioning Process revealed on a 16-exercise routine, provides practitioners with the tools for a better understanding of them existence and the interaction with other human beings. Every interaction done by human beings demands an established relationship at all levels, which may be acquired by regulating the body, breathing and the mind. This relationship among individuals it’s structured with a set of programs based on the ancient knowledge of balancing Vital Energy by unblocking stagnated energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.   These programs which are specific exercises, awaken the energy flow within the meridians and vessels carrying the Life Force in the body. Such programs, which work closely with the emotional mind and wisdom mind interpret perception clues needed to understand them reality, revealing and effective way of communication. Everything an individual does, says or thinks to communicate with another human being, is based on a Process, and if done consistently it will Condition a behavioral response, which at the short and long run will develop a program encoding a set of Mental images interpreted from words to communicate through actions, which when received by a listener or viewer them Mental Screen, mind or visualization ability will decode the symbols stored in them semantic bank establishing an effective flow of information, creating in such process an interaction setting a communication network with other groups. The Mental Screen Conditioning Process -Principle, is an absolute, a principle owned by every human being, since the moment of birth.

What specifically is the M.S.C.P. Process?

When the 16-exercise routine is done, the practitioner will be able to regulate the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. The regulation process is closely linked to the organic homeostatic process because it works on vital human activities such as breathing, eye focusing, human posture and body orientation, activities developed since childhood. Body cells keep memory of such organic functions since the moment of birth.
The M.S.C.P. Principle, is a way of life for all the individuals interested in expanding their perception, because these exercises are about growth, about the expansion of health; about the expansion of the mind involving an emotional process, about enriching any role an individual performs, this being a profession or craft as a way to make a living.
The M.S.C.P. Principle is a series of 16 low impact exercises so easy to be done by individuals of all ages.

An exercise routine to regulate the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual bodies?

The regulation of the body is accomplished based on the first vital sign shown in every human being after birth: the breathing cycles. On the first moment an individual takes the first breath of air, the eleven systems of the human body start the process of homeostasis which is the tendency to a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes. All the organs in the body start looking for a balance, and balance provides peace of mind; is happiness which may be interpreted as abundance, wholeness, cornucopia.
Every time a human being takes a breath, new body cells are generated. With each breath taken, fresh oxygen will be delivered to the brain, creating a clear and strong mind. A clear mind will create new and great ideas which may help a person feel happy towards your environment and to others. The 16-exercise routine practice conditions peoples’ lives to health abundance and inner equilibrium. The M.S.C.P. Routine is based on scientific data, on the process of breathing which is based in turn, by a good physical posture and a focused mental attitude. On these premises, a mental code is hidden in the human cells and with the right trigger points -which is the body posture, correct breathing cycling and mental and visual focusing-, the life code kept on the memory cells is released based on a simple low impact exercise routine, explained in depth in the book, with simple information about thoughtful insights, anatomy and physiology principles.

You had mentioned that the mind may be regulated, how?

An emotional expression is a wonderful thing to experience; to express emotions is what makes life twinkle, colorful and worth living, this is acquired by developing the wisdom mind through mind regulation synchronized with the breathing regulation, but for an erratic mind, it might be difficult to handle high level of stress  positioning the individual  into a breakdown episode. A mind in order to be at ease needs to be guided, to find peace in a safe corner of the subconscious represented by good memories so it may through conditioning, cool down. The erratic or emotional mind is like a cage of monkeys; emotions move around the mind without a structure, creating stress, confusion and by triggering stress, muscular tension is stored in the physical body keeping away the body cells from an energetic and healthy balance. The positioning of a positive thought in the mental screen or the mind can make life easier to handle. Here a pristine element is honored, created within us, and through the right technique, hidden and revealed through a thorough practice of  the M.S.C.P. Routines, a level of balance may be revealed to tame the cage of monkeys which without leaches, might nest misery and sorrow in the hearts and minds of some individuals.

What is your first book, the M.S.C.P. Principle, built on?

The book is a summary of the teachings and workshops of energy work masters. In this book is embedded the teachings of healers, spiritual guides and inner wisdom coming from the author’s practices. The Mental Screen Conditioning Process(M.S.C.P.) manuscript covers many realms which will take the reader to consider polarities at the emotional, practical, and spiritual levels and how these move around in our daily lives without being noticed; the book shows  how the emotional mind and the wisdom mind join efforts to become one; the unity every human being deserves the recovery of  inner balance to enjoy the spiritual happiness granted since birth.