About Rene Qian

René Qián, is an esoteric Transcendental Meditation and energy-work instructor. He is a Reiki, Pellowah and Soul Alignment channel. Qián is a subtle energy catalyst and certified practitioner from the Eastern Hands Healing Arts I, II and III System. Founder and coordinator of the “School of the Spoken Tao ” founded in 1986. Author of a trilogy on the use and development of subtle energy fields, including “The Mental Screen Conditioning Process” M.S.C.P.-I.-routines-, “Hands-On Brain”, ands “Crown Reiki”. Qián offers workshops on energy management and the power of positive thinking. In his books René Qián reveals a set of techniques as a tool to awaken the energy consciousness of the divine being within everyone, and how to reactivate the memory process and energy circuits within the heart of the brain through intention and vital energy. Qian is an active Member of IARP.org -International Association of Reiki professionals since 2016.