The M.S.C.P. Principle (2017) English Version
The Mental Screen Conditioning Process Principle (Routines)

The M.S.C.P. Principle provides the tools to become skillful on any intellectual, artistic, medical or martial arts area an individual does to gain a living, and while practicing a thorough routine a better understanding of the innate inner expansion will be developed and anchored to Vital Energy. According to Qian, The Mental Screen Conditioning Process -Principle, describes how a series of attachments or polarities, may be identified as absolutes. Dualities may be experienced by everyone, for these are owned by every human being and granted since birth. The Mental Screen Conditioning Process –Principle, is fitted to expand their perception, their health and inner talents. A 16-exercise routine is about growth and expansion of the self while regulating the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual bodies.


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The M.S.C.-I -Rutinas (2018) 
Spanish version

El P.A.P.MRutinas, muestra cómo una serie de 16 ejercicios activa la chispa universal aletargada dentro de cada ser humano para ser alineada con el cuerpo emocional, psicológico, mental y spiritual y asi poder lograr desempenar una profesion u oficio dentro deun balance de abundancia.   Rene Qian sostiene que la practica del P.A.P.MRutinas, ayudara al practicante a “extender” un campo de Energía Vital después de haber regulado el cuerpola respiración y la mente, a través de una práctica correcta logrando extender el sentido de la percepción más allá del tiempo y el espacio. El practicante del Proceso del Acondicionamiemnto de la Pantalla MentalRutinas, volverá a descubrir cómo las emociones positivas resuenan con un propio valor negativo dentro de una escala de medición, sin haberlo pretendido.


ISBN 978-1-532-39225-2 

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Hands-on Brain (2018)
Revised edition (2020)

Hands-On Brain is an eight simple
hands-on routine which placed over
the head will reactivate the vital energy everyone was born with. This book is the key to boost not only certain areas of the brain, but an overall positive feeling over the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Radiance energy flowing through the palms of the hands will rewire the brain waves, and by following simple steps, the reader will sense an energy flow all over the body expanding them perception. This technique has a Chinese medical background according to the principle that every living cell has an electrical component. The brain has
an energy field which flows to the nerves and all organs of the body. Hands on Brain provides the tools to clean energy blockages stuck by toxic emotions. The manuscript has a Bibliography, Glossary, an Index and notes to provide thorough information to the engaged reader.


ISBN 978-1-7354096-1-0 

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Crown ReiQi (2020)

Crown ReiQi, a Cosmic Energy modality, which purpose is to connect through the touch of hands on certain part of the body, but mainly revealed to work the ridges and groves of the brain. Its purpose based on physiology and anatomy knowledge is to seek the balance inherent within every human being.

The brain is a master computer, joining efforts with the hands which joint as its keypad rewire the broken pathways of synapses to balance the circles of life, Honored by Science and Humanity.

Rene Qian, author of the Crown ReiQi modality, opens a new window to bring down the barriers to a better life perspective. Reveals steps to awaken the energy consciousness of the divine being within everyone, and how to reactive the memory process and energy circuits within the core of the brain.


INBN 978-1-7354096-0-3

Price: $19.95