The Mental Screen Conditioning Process-I

(M.S.C.P.) Routine* WORKSHOP

OCTOBER 16 and 17, 2021

Saturday: 2:00PM to 6:00PM

Sunday: 9:00AM to 1:00P

This workshop is designed to develop the Shen (Heart/Mind), and to balance body Qi (Vital Energy), and to strengthen the Jing (Physical body.)

This energy work routine was kept secret for centuries and only shared to sages, priests, and their family members. Its practice is the foundation to enhance and direct Vital Energy when practicing Medicine Energy.

The workshop will cover:

*The 16 exercise Routine
* Natural (Buddhist), and Reversed (Daoist) beathing techniques.
*Energy sensitivity through hand manipulation
* Daoist meditation technique, and
* Protective Energy Shield technique.

Saturday October 16th

Will be covered the Buddhist and Daoist breathing techniques; ten exercises from the M.S.C.P. Principle; Protective Energy Shield technique, and a Low-Dantian meditation technique.

Sunday October 17th

The complete M.S.C.P. routine (16 exercises) will be covered.


· The practitioner will learn an awareness of their body posture,

· Will regulate their breathing process to develop and enhance Vital Energy.

· Will balance their Vital Energy while doing body regulation joint with breathing cycles while focusing on specifics body parts.

· Unblock stagnated energy while opening and closing each exercise of the M.S.C.P. Principle Routine.

· Mind Regulation to calm the Emotional Body.

This WORKSHOP will be offered at:

Green Goddess/House of Herbs

3020 N. 16th St.

Phoenix, AZ. 85016 602.226.8177

Workshop cost: $500.00

To SIGN UP to the workshop
pay directly via:

SEND PAYMENT TO 928-225-6218

Workshop cost: $500.00

*Required textbook: The M.S.C.P. Principle/ by Rene Qian